Agricola Punica Wine from Sardinia

The cooperation between Giacomo Tachis and Tenuta San Guido of Bolgheri dates back to the early 70s, while the liaison with Cantina di Santadi started at the beginning of the 80s.

It was during one of his first visits to the Sulcis area, Southwest Sardinia, that Tachis realized the great potential of this land for producing red wines. While a new chapter in the Sardinian winemaking was being written by Tachis, Cantina Santadi launched its first high quality bottled red wine, the Terre Brune, which traced the path for many other successful wines that came along, signed by the genius of Tachis; Barrua is one of this.

It was a couple of decades later, at the very beginning of this century that Tachis reached another goal, by making possible the match between Tuscany and Sardinia: Agripunica.

The mission of Agripunica was to produce the finest wines taking advantage of the local Sardinian varietal Carignano in blend with some other Bordeaux wines, of which Tachis was a master winemaker.

With these ideas in mind, Tachis in 2002 made the first red for Agripunica, Barrua, followed three years later by the second label Montessu.

The two “jewels” wisely blended were soon recognized as excellent products, gaining several awards worldwide since the beginning. Once more, Giacomo Tachis have had the right vision and his wines, with a distiguish style and identity, will always tell a story anytime poured and savoured in the glass!

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