Agricola Punica Wine from Sardinia

etichetta Samas

bottiglia Samas


IGT Isola dei Nuraghi

white wine made from selected Vermentino and Chardonnay grapes, vinified with cryo-maceration techniques to preserve the wine from oxidation. Harvesting done by hand at dawn to maintain the characteristic varietal notes of these grapes, mostly coming from vineyards with sandy soil.

80% Vermentino - 20% Chardonnay

From 20th August for the Chardonnay, from 5th September for the Vermentino.

Grapes are transferred to the winery on small boxes cooled down by dry ice to keep them at a lower temperature; then the grapes are carried straight to the press (without crashing) where in a cold and static environment we obtain a fine first-pressed juice. Subsequently, the static decantation allows to implant selected yeasts on the pure must. Prolonged fermentation at a controlled temperature (16 C) enables to keep the wine "fining" on the fermentation-lees for approximately 40 days. The product is frequently pumped over to optimise the fermentation process. The vinification is done separately for each varietal on stainless still vats. On a second stage, the Vermentino and Chardonnay wines are blended together; this blend will then rest on small concrete vats for about 3 months to complete the maturation and a natural stabilization of Samas, which is not filtered nor clarified.

Vivid yellow straw colour with soft greenish hints, the typical bouquet of tropical fruit and citrus notes with a distinguish Mediterranean flavour (sage fragrancy).
On the palate this wine is silky and well balanced by a moderate alcohol content (12,5%), good salinity and freshness notes.To be stored at medium-low temperatures on the range of 15-17 C and to be served a bit cooler (around 12-13 C). It matches very well all fish-made dishes, any white meat or it can be simply savoured as aperitif.

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