Agricola Punica Wine from Sardinia

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At the moment the Punica Farm produces two great red wines, Barrua and Montessu, and a delicious white wine called Samas.
All of them fall under the appellation I.G.T. Isola Dei Nuraghi, originating from tipical Sardinian grapes exceptionally blended with some French varietals.

In the Sulcis the quality of Carignano is excellent, not only for the colour: from tannins to the acid titrant patrimony always temperate and elegant as well as the souplesse of its more relevant components.

Its polifenolich wealth is composed by a very delicate tannin tissue, which is round, sweet in a refined manner, chromatically embroidered by refined antociani. These tannins have been polymerized in the grape while it is still pending from the plant.

Its extractive belongings are plentiful attesting the sun generousness.
The colour is intense, chromatic gift of the nature reminding the Phoenicians purpled red.

The white wine Samas is a Vermentino and Chardonnay blend offering distinguishing mineral notes as well as delicious fruity flavours.
It can be paired with any fish dishes or white meat; superb as aperitif!

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